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During the wonderful nine months that I spent at SPJS, I have learned a great deal. Aside from the practical experience of working in a real news-room, SPJS gave me a chance to meet and interact with different kinds of people. This allowed me to broaden my outlook and gain an idea of the different perspectives in life.
I am very grateful to each and every one of my teachers and would like to extend a special thanks to our dearest Sam Sir (Sam Rajappa), our mentor and guide who regaled us with intriguing stories from his reporting days, teaching us many valuable lessons along the way. I am extremely grateful to have been given a chance to be a part of this wonderful institution and extend the same good wishes to all future students of SPJS.
-- Yasmita Barua Chaudhuri, second batch, after SPJS she had gone to California, USA, and worked as a freelance writer for eHow and Answerbag. At present, she is working as a Content Moderator/Writer for Udyog Software India Ltd, Hyderabad.
It seems the best thing that I have done for myself so far, has been my decision to apply for the Print Journalism course at SPJS and convincing my parents that it would only do me good. However, after the course began, it was not just a lot of assignments, but a whole lot of fun as well. A conclave where we met the stalwarts of the profession, seminars and field trips to several places were added attractions.
And, the most important part was the job that I was offered after completion of the course, without having to go about desperately knocking doors of employers ~ that is something for which I will always remain grateful to the institution.
-- Sohini Goswami, third batch, working as a copy-editor for The Times of India
My preconceived notions about Journalism having been turned upside down, I have had to start from scratch. And, at the end of the 9 months of the Print Journalism course at the SPJS, I consider myself to be more knowledgeable, more aware, and most importantly, more responsible- as a person, and a professional. Quite an extensive discussion on all aspects of journalism, the theories in class and hands-on training during the internship, helped us to choose the right avenue in the profession.
-- Munshi Wasim Abid, third batch, working as a sub-editor for The Deccan Chronicle, and a freelance news-photographer with photos published in Farmers' Forum.
Getting up every morning...fighting to get hold of the newspaper first...glancing through the first page in a hurry...and then taking all the time in the world to read it...SPJS has made this a habit and taught me a lesson for life...to be aware! It has also made me realise that, in spite of the great technological turnaround the world witnesses every day, print journalism would always remain the best option for a detailed understanding of the world around. The rush to get the first look at the front page of the newspaper, or the thorough reading and analysis of news, will always remain a habit for most.
-- Arpita Banerji, fourth batch, previously as a sub-editor for The Statesman, now working as Copy Writer, Daily News and Analysis .
Growing up through different abnormalities of life, it is always easy to blur the line between dream and reality. One gets desperate for a reality check. I believe I am a better citizen for having been a student at SPJS, for having the privilege to learn from eminent journalists and personalities, and above all, for knowing that Truth is all that matters.
-- Trina Chaudhuri, fourth batch, working as a sub-editor for The Telegraph..
SPJS is unique in many ways as you not only have an intense classroom experience, but also get to work in an actual newsroom. Since the best way to learn is on the job, this served as a great learning curve for me. Also, the teaching staff here comes with years of valuable and enriching experience. The course structure is very diverse ranging from the basics of editing and reporting, to media law and environment.
But it wasn't all work as we were taken to many places in and outside Kolkata - whether to document the place through photography, or understand the place's ecosystem. These visits greatly added to what was a thoroughly enjoyable and instructive few months.
-- Rohini Deb, third batch, working as an editor at Dorling Kindersley, Noida, India.
My experience at SPJS has been great. I thoroughly enjoyed my days at SPJS and it helped enrich myself. I learnt dif erent aspects of journalism during the course. SPJS and its faculty members have immense contribution in my career. What I had learnt in the school still helps me in work.
-- Suman Sahoo, first batch, presently working at The Press Trust of India (PTI) as Senior Copy Editor, Previously: Copy Editor, The Times of India, Chennai. Staf Reporter and Sub Editor, The Statesman.

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